GR23B07 Battery Operated Electric Grinder

1. Rated Power: 25W
2. Materials: Stainless Steel, PMMA
3. Product Size: Ø52.4*197mm
4. Product Weight: 300g(±10g)
5. Size of Container: 70ml
6. Color: Sliver
1. Automatic grinding with a simple press.
2. The transparent container allows you to see the remaining fragrance in the grinder.
3. The LED light will also turn on automatically during use, you can add the right amount of pepper or salt to your dish perfectly.
4. With adjustable grinder, you can easily adjust the grinder knob to choose the coarseness of your spice, salt or peppercorn.
5.The ceramic grinder ensures excellent grind consistency.
Electric Grinder*1, Manual*1, Color Box*1
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