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Aluminium Alloy Vacuum Wine Stopper Wine Saver Vacuum Wine Pump With Vacuum Pump Sealer Feature Combined all-in-one.Extends the life of the wine: Air-tight seal keep wine fresh, champagne carbonated, and other drinks from getting flat or stale.And vacuum pump function to keep wine fresh 10-15 days.
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Product Name: Wine Vaccum Stopper
Model: HD-JS0001
Material: Food Grade Aluminium alloy+ABS+Silicone
Product Size: 2.5 * 1.7* 8.9 cm
Net Weight: 42g

Main Features:
1. NO MORE WASTING YOUR WINE - It Slows down oxidation process and can preserve leftover wine fresh up to 7 - 10 days.
2. SAFE AND REUSABLE-it is made from eco-friendly materials.It's also washable and can be used over and over. This means if your wine pump ever breaks, we will replace it with a new one.
3. ONE SIZE FITS ALL - Wine sealer and pump fits perfectly on all conventional wine bottles. So why spend money buying different wine stoppers and pump for each wine bottle, when voniss wine pump and stopper is universal and can be used on all wine bottles.
4. EASY TO USE - With the 2 in 1 feature It is very easy to use as it is quite handy and practical. Our design has been studied over and over to make sure it works.
5. LFGB,FDA, RoHS compliant.